To the vast majority of people, moving is a major event that requires the assistance and expertise of a number of professionals, including their real estate agent, mortgage broker, home inspector and potentially many others.   Virtually everything about buying or selling a home revolves around service.  And the caliber of service you receive at each step can make a huge difference not only to the outcome but to the minimization of stress and overall satisfaction with the whole experience.

Your lawyer is there to represent your interests.  As with many aspects of a sale or purchase, on the legal side of things, there is a great deal more that goes on behind the scenes than most people realize. There are many searches to conduct and every real estate transaction requires the preparation and review of a significant amount of legal documentation.

The legal work in a real estate transaction represents the final steps of buying or selling a home and I endeavor to make those steps as smooth as possible for my clients and their families.  To that end, I make every effort to be attentive, approachable, responsive and accommodating.  If you have questions about any aspect of your transaction, please call … it’s all part of the service.